Upcoming Event

Trentino Bassoon Expo + Masterclass, 15-17th July

Every instrument is different and has its own personality. Most of the times is the instrument who chooses you. Finding the perfect match can therefore become a long and tiring process.
But what if you could try and compare more than 40 different models at the same time?

At the “Trentino Bassoon Expo” (free entrance) you will find instruments for all levels and necessities – children, students, advanced, professional, new/used – together with the lastest accessories, materials, reed machines and a vast selection of music scores. Nicolas Müller from “Tutti Fagotti” will be present for consultations. It is possible to make requests in advance for the bassoon models you would like to try.

At the same time Achille Dallabona will host a masterclass focused on the following topics (individual lessons and group seminars):
-Bulletproof bassoon reed-making
-How to study and improve your technique
-How to warm-up in a correct and efficient way
-Mental coaching applied to bassoon playing (Lucky Number Method)
-Orchestral excerpts
-Solo repertoire

Languages spoken: English, Italiano, Deutsch

Looking forward to seeing you at this unique event in the beautiful Alps of Trentino!

Tuition fees for the Masterclass

Closing Date: 27.06.2021

Qualora nuove regole anti Covid -19 dovessero modificare l’accesso alla Masterclass o dovessero impedirne lo svolgimento l’intero importo verrà rimborsato al netto degli oneri di transazione ammontanti circa al 6%.

Should anti Covid -19 rules change the way to access to the Masterclass or prevent it from taking place, the entire amount will be refunded net of transaction costs amounting to approximately 6%.

Prof. Tullio Garbari, co-repetitor of the Mozarteum University of Salzburg as accompanying pianist. It is also possible for Students attending to the Masterclass to communicate the repertoire they wish to perform during the Materclass.

Where to sleep

HOTEL SARTORI’S : VIA NAZIONALE, 33, IT-38015 LAVIS, Italy Email: info@sartorishotel.com

HOTEL ALLA NAVE : Fraz. Nave San Felice, 29, IT-38015 LAVIS, Italy Email: info@hotelallanave.it

How to arrive

Train + Bus: Trento main Station than Bus n°17 to Lavis or directly to Lavis main Station.

Nearest Airport: Verona, Innsbruck , Munich and Milano – Bergamo.

For any questions: achilledallabonabassoon@gmail.com

For further informations about Hotels, Excurtion, Activities: https://www.pianarotaliana.it/en/